the love i give


Led by Love

 I always felt the call to help people; it's the reason I chose my career in emergency services as a 911 Dispatcher. I spent the last 15 years serving the community I grew up in and have made it my mission to shine light in a field with so much darkness. While helping countless people through life & death emergencies as well as day to day family issues has been a big part of my calling, I discovered my true passion was to serve mothers. After many years of feeling lost in motherhood and life in general, I found myself through personal development and spirituality. I now help other moms who feel lost navigate back to themselves using the same tools. I also support moms in their parenting journey by reinforcing the philosophy of "leading with love." 

When you work with me, whether that's following my social media, receiving my free content,  working in a group setting or one on one, what you get is this... I will always teach and guide you from a place of love. I'll make sure you feel supported. I'll understand when things feel tough and I'll help you find your  way. I am here to serve you and I am honored to be your Mama Mentor. 



I strongly believe bringing women together helps us heal and grow. Sisterhood provides a very different level of support. It allows us to see ourselves in others, reflect with a group of supportive women and hold space for one another to facilitate healing and growth.

I often lead workshops for the local domestic violence shelter, day retreats as well as co-facilitate an online group of over 400 women worldwide.